Bexley Business Excellence Awards Business Entrepreneur Finalist – 2019

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Bexley Business Excellence Awards I'd never really thought about entering myself for any sort of award programme other than for my photography work. But after attending a networking event last year, I was inspired by the diversity of so many different businesses and each with their own story to tell. So when I [...]

Everything you wanted to know about Actor Headshots!

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What are they and why do I need actor headshots? Actor headshots are a vital part of your brand. It’s about marketing yourself within the industry and an essential part of getting noticed and remembered by agents and casting professionals. It’s the first step in getting that all-important audition! [...]

Top tips to consider when searching for a Great Portrait Photographer!

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Are you looking for a Great Portrait Photographer? There are lots of things to consider when you're searching for a great portrait photographer in your local area. So to get you started here are just a few simple tips that you may find useful! Let me know if you find this useful! [...]

Faubourg D’Amiens Cemetery – Arras Memorial & Cemetery France

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A Rather special Project for a Friend at the Arras Memorial & Cemetery in France As well as portrait and professional branding Photography, I still like to cover more personal projects too. So, I couldn’t resist the opportunity, when a very good friend told me that he was going to visit the Arras [...]

Why you should print your photographs? | StudioGB Photography

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Why you should print your photographs? I’ve always believed that the best way for you to enjoy your portraits are in their physical form; and you should print your photographs out. I believe this will make your memories tangible and have presence; and it’s a way of preserving them that shows everybody what [...]

Thinking about a Maternity Photography Session?

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Maternity Photography Sessions at StudioGBP Having a baby is an extremely exciting time for every soon-to-be parent (regardless if it’s your first or not). It’s also life changing and can be a scary time too, with the pains and worries that can sometimes come with pregnancy. However, it should also be a time of [...]

Kent Sands Ashford Baby Memorial Garden and Mosaic

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Kent Sands and the Ashford Baby Garden Mosaic Kent Sands are a charity which offers support to families when a baby dies before or shortly after birth; allowing them to share their experiences with other bereaved parents. Having lost our own baby daughter ‘Scarlett’ Stillborn at 39 weeks three years ago on the 15th December [...]

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