A Personal Commemorative Poppy

In December 2009 my daughter Scarlett was stillborn; and she never drew a single breath in this world. There is never a day where I don’t think about how life could have been with her in it.

And while there are many layers to bereavement, my love of photography was a significant and positive outlet that helped me through that healing process; and as such, it will always be a driving force in my life.

This photograph of one commemorative poppy represents many things to me, the sacrifice and purpose for what it was made for, the friend who put the thought into sharing it as a gift to my family; and on the most personal of levels, my reason and love of photography…

I choose to believe that capturing and sharing memories, the joy it brings me, my family and everyone that knows me, started with her…

For that reason, this poppy is dedicated to Scarlett x

First World War 100 year Commemorative Poppy