FAQ StudioGB Photography Headshot & Portrait Photographer

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

In it’s simplest terms; you should wear what you are most comfortable in!

To be more accurate, it all depends on what you need and the purpose of your shoot.

I can provide you with a free guide to on what to wear for your headshots, personal branding and portraits. But we also cover this as part of your consultation and planning stage, so although the guidelines are useful, it would still come down to you on an individual basis.

Everyone is different and has different requirements and in all cases, I’m here to help you be fully prepared and comfortable before we even start the photo session.

What equipment do you use?

I use Professional Full Frame Canon DSLR Cameras (5D Mark IV, 5D Mark III) & professional lighting & Audio equipment (for video recordings). I also use industry standard Adobe software (Photoshop/Premiere Pro) for any editing & post processing work.

What time can you do the shoot?

This is very much dependent on your needs.

My normal working hours are between 11 am and 5 pm Monday to Saturday, but as above I can work to your schedule. For example it maybe convenient for you in the early morning before you get busy, or late at light – Especially if business operates through the night.

The same can be said for how big the commission is – It may take more than one day to complete the shoot, in which case it could be split into smaller sessions to fit around your schedule.

All of this would be worked into the shoot plan as part of your consultation process

If it’s an outdoor shoot then as a guideline I normally recommend, that it’s best to do the session the morning or late afternoon to get the best out of the natural light, but ultimately I will shoot at the best time for you.

Do you airbrush the photographs?

Airbrushing is a term used for the retouching of photographs before the digital age! Often associated with the ‘cover girl’ magazine whereby a model has been made to look thinner or smoothing of the skin.

Today the retouching is more commonly done through computer software such as Photoshop.

I check and edit every photograph that you receive  to ensure the best possible quality. This may include, cropping or straightening the photograph, correcting any colour imbalances and conversions to/from colour and black & white photographs. If requested and wherever possible, I will also remove blemishes from close up portraits and for them to look as naturally as possible.

Ideally the aim of course is to get it right in the camera using lighting and positioning to get the very best out of the scene.

Can you provide make-up and hair styling if I wanted it?

Yes of course! I work with a number of expert hair and makeup stylists and I can arrange these for you if requested.

Where will the professional photography sessions take place?

I offer both studio-based sessions at my studio space in Welling (South East London borough of Bexley), as well as location-based or a combination of the both depending on what you’re looking for.

For a headshot photography session, corporate headshots & personal branding photography, I’ll come to your location. I’ve portable studio and lighting equipment that’s very quick to set up in needed and all this would be worked out and discussed with you during your consultation. Remember this is about you so I’m flexible to get the best for your needs.

Note: My social media portfolio headshot service is only available at my studio space at StudioGB Photography.

Brand Photography. Isn’t it just a bit expensive just for some photographs?

I provide a specialist brand photography service that goes beyond just taking photographs. My pricing reflects my experience, quality of work and peace of mind you’re getting a professional service. Pricing is not fixed and can be customised to your needs.

There is a consultation and planning process that involves looking at your existing brand presence and exploring who your ideal clients are. We will work through the process to create an accurate summary of exactly what you need to achieve the goals for your brand.

This is an investment into the grow of your business. It would be very easy for me to just turn up take some photographs and hand them over (like many other photographers), but if they’re not aligned with your brand story then they’re not going to be effective and potentially damaging to your reputation. While there are always exceptions to the rule “You get what you pay for”





Do you provide colour and black and white photographs?

Yes; I can provide both if requested; I will take consideration over your choices, as some photographs will look better in colour and others may look better in black and white.

I will of course accommodate any specific requests too.

Do I get the copyright; and can I print/copy any digital images myself?

This is can often be misunderstood; I actually own and retain the copyright of all the photographs I take (both prints and digital files).

For my professional clients, where the images are going to be used as part of your business or promotional material you’re provided with the license to use the photographs as you wish both privately and commercially.

For private portrait clients, you’re provided with a non-commercial license to use the digital photographs as you wish and as many times as you wish; including printing, copying sharing with family and friends. However, they cannot be used commercially without written consent.

There are some very rare circumstances where copyright may be required by the client however, please get in contact to discuss.

… but what if the weather is bad?

I’m prepared to deal with most situations and we can still take great shots indoors if need be; it would of course depend on what you need for the session and I would be guided by what you want to do.

Failing that, I’m pretty flexible to reschedule if you prefer.

I don’t have the time! How long does it take?

I totally understand!

I’m just like you!

I know how sometimes juggling work and life can be overwhelming to fit even more things into your busy schedule. However, it’s also important to step back and look at what your doing; or more importantly need to be doing to be successful.

This is why I don’t just provide the photography. My initial program involves looking at what you’re currently doing towards your ‘visual presence’ and what can be done to make that more efficient – Taking some of the stress and time spent on creating the content in the first place, especially when trying to keep your marketing message on-brand. I work with other brand professionals and I’m always passing their knowledge onto my clients (you) as part of my service. No time from a branding shoot because you’re spending time on creating content or trying to take photographs yourself on a phone… How much time could you save by having that work done for you?

Keeping that in mind.

  • I’m happy to work to your schedule whenever possible
  • I can break the photography sessions down into smaller sessions spread over time
  • Quick Headshot only sessions are also available at my studio space in Welling (London Borough of Bexley)


You took hundreds of images but are only showing me some of them Where’s the rest?

The beauty of digital over film is that I can take a lot more shots than you will need; we can spend more time being creative and working on telling your story and spending time setting up something specific that fits with your brand values.

There will also be shots where someone has blinked or some other distraction.

I sort through all the photographs taken and delete any rejects and duplicates; then present you with the very best of what you need!

Are you insured?

Yes. I hold full Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance & my documentation is available to view if required.

I’m also a member of 2 professional organisations, where I’m bound by professional codes of practice and have legal representation for your peace of mind.

I’m not photogenic! / I hate my picture being taken – How will you help me?

If I had a £1 every time I heard that, I’d be able to give up photography and retire!

Seriously though you’re not alone… I don’t mean you’re not photogenic of course! I just mean there are lots of people that ‘think’ they’re not! I’ve been photographing people professionally for over 10 years and I’ve seen and heard this all before.

  • I provide you with information on what to wear and tips about how to look your best.
  • We can talk everything through before the shoot in your consultation.
  • I always spend the first part of the session just having a chat, helping you to relax and enjoy the process.
  • We take our time, regularly checking to see how you’re feeling and making sure you’re comfortable
  • I can even arrange & recommend makeup artists and hairstylists and even style experts too.
  • I always shoot way more photographs than you need – giving you more options to choose from.
  • Finally, it’s important to remember who the photographs are for… They are for your audience and how they see you.

The best thing, of course, is to just book a call with me and have a chat to see how I can help you and if I’m a good fit to be your photographer.

How far will you travel?

I’m based in the South East London Borough of Bexley and the majority of my work is in London, Kent and the South East. However I can and have traveled nationally if required.

All travel requirements and details are also covered during your consultation.

He was patient with constructive advice | Actress Headshot Testimonial

“Over the years I have worked with many photographers, yet Graham is exceptional!! Truly professional with great results and effective editing. As a performer i know how stressful headshot sessions can be but with Graham it was a breeze, I was put at ease and I in fact learnt a lot during the session. He was patient with constructive advice. But every bit professional! I can see now why he’s always so busy!”

Claire Walmsley

“…Graham provided a truly professional experience…”

Graham provided a truly professional experience, put me at ease and produced fantastic photographs that were better than I could imagine.”

Scott Walker

I cannot recommend Studio GB Photography enough. The proof is in the pudding!

It took me a while to get to the point where I felt ready to have professional photos done for my company. I particularly wanted a Bexley Business photographer and linked in with Graham as his whole ethos around Small business branding photography resonated with me. I wanted a natural feel to my personal brand and as I am about exercise and the effects this has on the mood, I wanted the energy of being active out in nature and the feel good factor of doing this.

After speaking to Graham I just knew he really understood what I wanted. More importantly, I cannot begin to explain how nervous I was about having the photos done especially as I hadn’t met Graham face to face. It turned out to be a fun and effortless process. Any nerves were dispelled by Graham’s relaxed approach. He also is a pot of never-ending ideas – if you are stuck with a vision of how you could promote yourself he’s your man.

I was lost for words when the photos came through. They surpassed all my expectations and have allowed me to move forward rapidly to the next phase of promoting my business and feeling so much more confident about the image that I am putting out into the public arena. I cannot recommend StudioGB Photography enough. The proof is in the pudding! Amazing – will definitely go back for more pics.





“…Always friendly, always delivering professional results and a professional experience…”

Graham Baker is honestly one in a million! He is by far, the best photographer I have ever worked with. The pictures he sends though, when we get to the final edit stage, never fail to amaze me! Such a great person to work with as well. Always friendly, always delivering professional results and a professional experience. As a function singer, I use his photographs to promote my solo business and he always gives me great direction and has plenty of useful ideas. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone wanting promotional images for their business!”


Josh Hassell

“…By far the best in the business that I have ever had the pleasure to work with…”

Graham is an AMAZING photographer. By far the best in the business that I have ever had the pleasure to work with, he was really polite and considerate and made sure I was comfortable throughout the day. I was very pleased with the types of styles that were portrayed in Graham’s photographs plus positions instructed, 100% will be booking with him again.”


Katie Thomas

…such an easy working relationship as he constantly puts you at ease…

“I contacted Graham to do a photoshoot for a singing project and he discussed with me what i was looking for and gave me advice on what kind of shots would look good. We met up and he immediately put me at ease about what the day would consist of. I didn’t feel at all nervous and he made the whole thing go so smoothly and professionally. Graham has a very warm and witty personality and this makes for such an easy working relationship as he constantly puts you at ease and makes you laugh. He is a very talented photographer and i was very impressed with the photos he took of me and i will definitely use him again!”

Mark A.G

“He understood perfectly the essence of my business…”

“So pleased with Graham’s work. I chose him because I liked his previous work and I wasn’t disappointed. Graham has helped me show how to better portray my business with personal branding shots and behind the scenes pictures. He understood perfectly the essence of my business and was able to capture this producing fantastic shots. I was very nervous at the start but he made the session flow so easily taking a great interest in what I do and producing an amazing work.”


Paula Mateo

“he reassured me and went through step by step on what would be happening which put me at ease”

“Graham was amazing this was my first ever photo shoot for my online profile as i have just been signed with tma modeling agency . At first i was very nervous but he reassured me and went through step by step on what would be happening which put me at ease he spent alot of time making sure we had everything i needed for my profile such as different looks , lighting , clothing changes, head shots , 3/4 and full length he was so professional throughout and i honestly will be using and recommending for future thank you so much for such an amazing and fun day loved every minute of it”


Montana Thompson

“…I was looking for a London headshot photographer to do a professional portrait…”

“I was looking for a London headshot photographer to do a professional portrait of myself for my online portfolio and social media and Graham Baker was recommended to me. I hadn’t had my photo taken by a professional since I was at school so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to make sure I didn’t look awkward in the shot. Graham was very understanding and helpful when advising on the best way to sit, what colours to wear, how to smile and tailoring the shots to my needs. The entire session was relaxed, lighthearted and professional. I was very happy with the end result and pleased that I have a selection of great head shots for marketing my brand. Overall, would highly recommend if you are an entrepreneur looking for a professional portrait.”


Isa Hemphrey

“Graham made me feel extremely relaxed on the shoot with his calming aura which allowed me to be myself”

“It was hard finding reliablephotographers in the south east London area, but when I found StutdioGB I was relieved. When we collaborated, Graham made me feel extremely relaxed on the shoot with his calming aura which allowed me to be myself. You can tell he has a genuine passion for photography which allowed me to trust his direction and skill. I worked with Graham to update my modeling portfolio and he did a more than great job. Will be working with him surely again!”


Genevieve Cole

Absolutely pleasure to work with, extremely reliable, trustworthy and fun talented photographer who knows what looks good

“Had a really great easy-going commercial shoot recently! Very professional and straightforward from the get go but also in a lovely relaxed atmosphere! Very easy to talk to and work with producing quick and amazing results. The studio is very clean, safe and sanitised and I was made very comfortable with 2m distance maintained.

Absolutely pleasure to work with, extremely reliable, trustworthy and fun talented photographer who knows what looks good with easy directions to follow and produces stunning photos! Definitely looking forward to another shoot together!”




Gabriella Chlynina
Professional Model

The photo’s really are amazing, and I would highly recommend booking…

“I recently booked Graham to do a shoot to capture some of my work applying makeup and to add to my portfolio of work as a Makeup Artist. The photo’s really are amazing, and I would highly recommend booking Graham for any shoot.”


“He clearly understands the importance of the right image for a small business”

“My experience with StudioGBP, for a personal branding session was an extremely positive one. 

Graham was very easy to work with and made me feel at ease throughout the process. He clearly understands the importance of the right image for a small business, and seemed happy to give me some much needed advice on how I could take my business forward,

Graham had a professional but relaxed attitude throughout the shoot, which helped to make the experience an enjoyable one for myself.
The photos I have received from the shoot are excellent and I am sure they will go a long way to promoting my business.

I look forward to working with Graham again on future projects.”


Anthony Fanciulli

“…He listened to what I needed…”

“Recently I had a branding shoot with Graham. my brand identity is very important to me so I wanted professional photographs and after photographing my wedding I already built up a trusting and friendly relationship with him which is super important when being photographed. He listened to what I needed and he spent lots of time trying to find what worked for us both. I’m not at all used to being in front of camera, but as I have worked with him before I knew I could trust him and I knew after the first few photos I would be relaxed. He spent a lot of time on finding what I wanted and he spent more time with me than expected. His studio is great, the lighting, the white walls it’s just perfect for any shoot. I had a great day and I can’t wait to work with him again. I would 100% recommend Graham to anyone wanting some amazing photos.”


Hannah Kehinde

“…Delivers absolute professionalism and knows how to get the best shots…”

Highly recommend Graham. Delivers absolute professionalism and knows how to get the best shots. I needed some headshots for my website and Graham has come up trumps. Captures the mood perfectly, knows how to put clients at ease, even for the most camera shy! Working with Graham is like talking to an old friend yet still professional. Don’t go anywhere else! What are you waiting for? Just book in”

Kickstart Wellbeing 

Sarah McGirr

…very approachable and makes you feel very comfortable in front the camera…

“Thank you Graham for an enjoyable day on Saturday! Graham is very approachable and makes you feel very comfortable in front the camera. He is very professional and is a great photographer! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos from Saturday! The couple I have seen are great and I am very pleased with them. Thanks again Graham your Fab! “


…provides a high quality tailored service…

“I had a relaxed and fun personal branding shoot with Graham in Bexley which I am using for my website, social media accounts and business cards. This is the second time I have used Graham’s services and I won’t think of looking elsewhere. Graham is trustworthy , efficient and provides a high quality tailored service and I continue to recommend him to all my associates.”

Rob Evans

“Graham gave great direction and he had lots of tips on how to use the images online”

“After meeting with Graham and listening to his advise on the importance of creating the right image for my business website and social media, I booked a personal branding photo shoot with him. I was nervous but he kept things relaxed and fun and soon I was feeling happy and confident that I had made the right choice in choosing Graham. He was patient and explained everything clearly. Graham gave great direction and he had lots of tips on how to use the images online. Graham is professional and trustworthy and I am very much looking forward to working with him on future projects.”


Carol Hassell

“…Very professional and great to work with, also love his work…”

“I have worked alongside Graham a couple of times. Very professional and great to work with, also love his work. I use his photos to promote myself all the time.”

Clare Lakin
Hair & Makeup stylist

What an amazing experience it was to work with Graham!

“What an amazing experience it was to work with Graham! As an acoustic duo, we were hoping to build a memorable performing artists portfolio and we are over the moon with the results! Graham is honestly the best branding photographer in London that I can recommend! He’s welcoming, professional and creative – we’re so grateful to him for capturing us so well! 😁”



Kate & Tony

…did a fantastic job and look forward to using him again next time…

“Graham produced all of my Actors headshots and produced all of the posters for my current Film project. He did a fantastic job and look forward to using him again next time.”

Chris Bell

“…talking me through the process and getting a thorough understanding of what exactly I wanted.”

Graham was an absolute pleasure to work with. I contracted his services for a headshot session for my online portfolio and social media platforms. He instantly put me at ease, talking me through the process and getting a thorough understanding of what exactly I wanted. The results were great and the service was seamless. Would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone looking for a relaxed and personable photographer.”



“…he knew exactly what a I needed done and as a result I have some great looking professional photos…”

“I needed some photos for my website and having not done a photoshoot before I was somewhat excited but also nervous! Graham was great and put me at ease. He knew exactly what a I needed done and as a result I have some great looking professional photos that I can use on my website that will help build my brand for years to come 🙂 I thoroughly recommend Graham to anyone!”


Samuel Breeze

…the end result once I received the pictures actually brought tears to my eyes…

Was looking for a trusted photographer to update the portfolio pictures of my twin daughters, if I’m honest when Graham contacted me I was a little skeptical using a male photographer for my children.. However… As soon as we walked into his studio we were immediately made to feel relaxed. The atmosphere was so welcoming and Graham’s professional calming nature rapidly made the girls feel at ease which in turn relaxed me. The fun and enjoyment they had throughout the shoot was a pleasure to watch which made the day just as enjoyable for me as it was for my children.. Seeing the end result once I received the pictures actually brought tears to my eyes and were a fitting end to what was a perfect shoot day.. They were truly amazing!! Anyone looking for a professional headshot photographer to update their portfolio with the most beautiful pictures, look no further than StudioGB Photography!!”




So from working with Graham I’ve learnt that actually photography’s not that scary

“So from working with Graham I’ve learnt that actually photography‘s not that scary, neither’s headshots, I always thought headshots would be just you know an unknown person who’s really, we must get this headshot, you must look like this, sort of, uh, cheesy smile sort of thing. But with Graham it’s been really relaxed and you know we’ve only met a couple of times and I’ve met his wife and his children and it’s just like we’ve known each other longer than the occasions that we’ve met so it’s that relaxed friendly environment that I think has made a huge difference with even sitting in front of a camera talking about things that, you know I like to keep things quite private but more recently it’s sort of coming out of me I think because people need to hear it sometimes, don’t they? That’s why I’m talking about mental health and things.

So with Graham he’s helped me to build the confidence to do that, to sit there and I’m not just talking to a stranger that’s then gonna be like “Right, you’re done.” He’s got the same like ethos as me, he wants to help people, you help StrongMen which is another mental health charity and you know it’s just nice.”





“…We read all about Graham on his website an instantly felt he could be the right fit for us…”

“We were looking for an up to date photo of our daughters for our home with a few headshot and portrait photos too. I found Graham by a general search on Google for photographers in our local area and although I have little experience of photo shoots knew that I wanted someone who my daughter’s would feel happy with. We read all about Graham on his website an instantly felt he could be the right fit for us. It did still take a leap of faith to contact someone we did not know but I felt reassured as soon as I spoke to Graham. He understood exactly what we wanted from the photo shoot. Our (teenage) girls had not had professional photos since infant school except school photos and the girls naturally felt nervous and uneasy before their photo session. Graham provided really helpful tips before our session but the emphasis was very much on them feeling comfortable. He patiently spent time building rapport with both girls whilst photographing them and gave them tips on taking photos/selfies. It was a relaxed, friendly environment and he had excellent intuition for their characters and certainly got the best from them. Both girls said how comfortable they felt in his company and I quote ‘he’s just like us’ telling us how much they enjoyed the whole experience. Praise indeed. The whole session felt professional yet informal and relaxed. He worked hard with our daughters and gently built their confidence. His patience and attention to detail are reflected in the end product and we have the most beautiful photos of our girls that has captured their characters and two daughters who are feeling very good about themselves. We cannot recommend Graham highly enough. Thank you for such a positive experience.”



…helped me to relax in front of the camera…

“When I started setting up my own coaching business, I realised that I would need to have my photo on my website and social media. Only one problem: I HATE having my photo taken! But Graham instantly put me at ease, helped me to relax in front of the camera and made sure that I was happy with the pictures. He was professional and friendly throughout, and even made it an enjoyable experience. I am so pleased with the resulting photographs. I hope you like them too!”

Joanna Ward

…exactly what you need for a portfolio…

“I needed to have some headshots produced for my 14 year old niece for her acting portfolio. I was really impressed with the way Graham works and how he put my niece at ease throughout the whole shoot so much that she really enjoyed the experience of being photographed. The session was good value for money and we now have plenty of photos to choose from and this is the hard part as all the photos are stunning. Each photo speaks a thousand words and captures her perfectly which is exactly what you need for a portfolio as you are competing with other young actors. We will be using Graham again and I will be recommending him to others.”


“He put both me and my client at ease and was very discrete when taking pictures…”

“Being a therapist I wanted  to show both the therapy & business side in my photos.Graham created a professional but fun experience. He put both me and my client at ease and was very discrete when taking pictures of the therapy session.The session was tailored to my needs and he listened to what I needed. It was a truly personal experience and a valued investment. It was very hard to choose from the photographs taken but my head shot says everything I wanted to convey. I Would recommend Graham to any other therapists or anyone wanting great photos & a professional experience x”

Rae Calnan

“Absolutely fantastic results! Graham’s pictures were perfect and if I’m being honest, better than any results I’ve had before.

“Absolutely fantastic results! Graham’s pictures were perfect and if I’m being honest, better than any results I’ve had before. They were so good that I’ve actually written a review about how good they were and I’ve never done that before! Use him now before he becomes a world famous photographer!”

Keith Malda

“…I needed a quality headshot and branding photographer in Welling…”

“Great service from Graham who helped me set up my business page on Facebook. I needed a quality headshot and branding photographer in Welling and chose Graham after seeing his work with other businesses. He gave me lots of advice around being a start up business. I wanted professional photos of my work to show the detail and Graham did an amazing job at achieving this. He gave me the confidence to start up my business and lots of support.”


Sophie Bassett

…interpreted my views and thoughts very well…

“Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and relaxed shoot. You made me feel very comfortable and interpreted my views and thoughts very well especially as you knew I was not comfortable in front of camera. I also learnt a lot too about how to get more out of shoot and better ways to stand pose etc. The two samples you sent me are fantastic really captured the feel of what I was looking for! wow!”

Tony Lorenzo

“Within 5 minutes of meeting him, he absorbed so much of what my business & brand was about”

“Working with Graham has been a dream and I am not exaggerating at all! Within 5 minutes of meeting him, he absorbed so much of what my business & brand was about. I am amazed at not only his skills behind the camera and the sleek images he produces but also with how passionate, creative, in-the-know, motivating and inspiring he is as a human. He has helped get my business off the ground and I am grateful for his hard work and patience along the way. My brand is super sleek and my product images are perfect in every way. The whole aesthetic is exactly what I was looking for. Graham is THE Photographer you are looking for and I guarantee you he will make your dreams come true too!”


Shereen Syed

“Graham provided a truly professional experience…”

I love the photos, Graham did an amazing job!! Graham talked me through what he was doing and he knew exactly what I was after! The studio experience was very enjoyable and I will be using Graham in the future when I renew my headshots!

Pete James

“…Graham can really make you feel relaxed while the pictures are being taken…”

“Excellent job! Graham can really make you feel relaxed while the pictures are being taken and this helps to achieve very good results. I am very pleased. Well done!”

Daniel Maifredi

…Graham also encouraged me to voice & discuss my own ideas for photographs which would help me connect with my clients…

“I recently had the pleasure of working alongside Graham whilst looking for a London-based headshot photographer. I run my own art business (Emma Parker Art) and was very keen to have some professional shots taken to help promote myself on my social media platforms. I really could not ask for more than the amazing service I received from StudioGB Photography and could not recommend Graham enough to anyone looking for a brand or business photographer! Prior to my photoshoot with Graham I had no experience of working with photographers so wasn’t entirely sure what to expect upon booking. However, Graham made sure to give me a detailed outline of how long the photography session would last, what kind of shots he would be taking etc beforehand so I had nothing to worry about when the day came. Aside from providing a highly professional service, I found that he was also a very friendly and chatty person to be around which I think are valuable qualities for any photographer to have. You can tell client comfort is very important to him. It certainly made my experience more enjoyable to be around such a positive person! Graham also encouraged me to voice & discuss my own ideas for photographs which would help me connect with my clients (alongside my standard headshots) and was eager to listen to what I had to say. He managed to bring my ideas to life so perfectly which has resulted in some incredible behind the scenes photos of me working and of my workspace which really capture the heart & soul of what I do. I am passionate about my work and so to see that passion captured so perfectly in Graham’s photos is really special. All that’s really left to say is another huge ‘thank you’ to StudioGB Photography for his fantastic customer service and communication skills as well as the the highly professional photography service I received. I can’t wait to use your photos to promote myself, they are going to be such a huge help in growing my business 😄”



Emma Parker

…extreme professionalism…

“Graham is a very reliable, hard-working and attentive photographer. He manages to always provide what you need with your photoshoots. With extreme professionalism and dynamic actions, Graham Baker Photography is highly recommended in this area.”

Josh Hassell

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