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Headshots & Personal Branding Portfolio’s that get you noticed.

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You work too hard not to be seen.

I know you work hard.

You’re dedicated and driven; you put in the hours and make sacrifices every day to be successful in what you do. I also know there are days when doubts and fears can creep  in too.

Work can sometimes feel like you’re running through thick mud, but deep inside there’s a passion that pushes you forward to be the best you can be!

How do I know this?

Well I’m on the same journey as you!

As a business owner, I understand how passionate you can feel; and just like you, I want to attract and work with the kind of people that feel the same way!

Are you getting noticed?

You want to be recognised, you want to stand out; and you want your audience to choose your services over the competition.

However, you can’t throw a stick in the air without it landing on someone offering the same thing! Standing out from the crowd is hard work; it can sometimes feel impossible to be heard above the competition.

 So, what’s a Personal Brand anyway?

YOUR personal brand is YOUR story

  • It’s how your values are viewed by others; what drives you (your reasons why) and the promise of what they receive when they come to you.
  • Your behaviour and story are what makes you unique; show your audience why they should trust you over someone else.
  • It’s your reputation, your expertise, your talents. Your ‘image’
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Model Portfolio Photographer

“Graham was amazing this was my first ever photo shoot for my online profile as i have just been signed with tma modeling agency . At first i was very nervous but he reassured me and went through step by step on what would be happening which put me at ease he spent alot of time making sure we had everything i needed for my profile such as different looks , lighting , clothing changes, head shots , 3/4 and full length he was so professional throughout and i honestly will be using and recommending for future thank you so much for such an amazing and fun day loved every minute of it”


Jewellery Photography London Session for Trinket’s Jewels

“I used Graham a few years ago for my jewellery portfolio and still to this day I get compliments / bookings and orders based on his photos. DIY mobile phone pics are OK but nothing like a professional photograph… a professional service with a smile and good banter. Would definitely use Graham again, worth every penny!”

“Grahams accuracy and attention to detail contributed to the brilliant photo’s I now have on my web page. Punctual, professional and perfect!”


Model Shoot Porfolio Photography

“Thank you Graham for an enjoyable day on Saturday! Graham is very approachable and makes you feel very comfortable in front the camera. He is very professional and is a great photographer! Looking forward to seeing the rest of the photos from Saturday! The couple I have seen are great and I am very pleased with them. Thanks again Graham your Fab! “

Performing Artist Personal Branding and Headshot Sessions

“Graham is a very reliable, hard-working and attentive photographer. He manages to always provide what you need with your photoshoots. With extreme professionalism and dynamic actions, Graham Baker Photography is highly recommended in this area.”

So where does the photography fit in?

First appearances count!

Personal Branding Photography plays a key role on how you come across to your audience.

We know that in today’s digital world, the driving forces in marketing are images and video. It's crucial to how long people will stay or ‘click away’ from your website, especially if you don't have high quality images. A good first impression is be vital.

Give your clients something to keep their attention!

What are you waiting for?

Procrastination isn’t a good first impression…

Developing your brand to attract the right people is only ever going to be a good thing, right?

  • It’s going to cost too much.
    • Flexible price points can be customised to your needs
  • I don't have time!
    • I'm happy to work to your schedule whenever possible
    • I can break Shoots down into smaller sessions
    • Quick Headshot only sessions are also available
  • I want it to be right and not look stupid.
    • Free consultation to tailor the sessions to your needs
    • We continually review the results as we go
  • I’m not photogenic.
    • If I had a £1 every time I heard that!
    • We take our time. This is not conveyor belt photography
    • Your comfort and enjoyment is paramount.
  • I hate having my picture taken.
    • Neither do I!
    •  I'm there to coach you through the session.
  • I don’t need it. I'm fine without it.
    • Really? You're doing OK? How about doing brilliantly! 🙂

I’ve heard them all; and probably been guilty of some of those myself! However, my final question to you is, why wouldn’t you do something that supports the growth of your business, or gets you ahead of the competition?

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Bexley Headshot Photographer

“My experience with StudioGBP, for a personal branding session was an extremely positive one. 

Graham was very easy to work with and made me feel at ease throughout the process. He clearly understands the importance of the right image for a small business, and seemed happy to give me some much needed advice on how I could take my business forward,

Graham had a professional but relaxed attitude throughout the shoot, which helped to make the experience an enjoyable one for myself.
The photos I have received from the shoot are excellent and I am sure they will go a long way to promoting my business.

I look forward to working with Graham again on future projects.”


Anthony Fanciulli
South London Headshot Photographer | StudioGBP | By Graham Baker Photography

“I contacted Graham to do a photoshoot for a singing project and he discussed with me what i was looking for and gave me advice on what kind of shots would look good. We met up and he immediately put me at ease about what the day would consist of. I didn’t feel at all nervous and he made the whole thing go so smoothly and professionally. Graham has a very warm and witty personality and this makes for such an easy working relationship as he constantly puts you at ease and makes you laugh. He is a very talented photographer and i was very impressed with the photos he took of me and i will definitely use him again!”

Personal Branding Headshots that get you noticed! London Professional Portfolio Photographer | Graham Baker Photography at StudioGBP Bexley

Graham provided a truly professional experience, put me at ease and produced fantastic photographs that were better than I could imagine.”

Bexley Headshot Photographer - StudioGBP

“I was looking for a London headshot photographer to do a professional portrait of myself for my online portfolio and social media and Graham Baker was recommended to me. I hadn’t had my photo taken by a professional since I was at school so I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to make sure I didn’t look awkward in the shot. Graham was very understanding and helpful when advising on the best way to sit, what colours to wear, how to smile and tailoring the shots to my needs. The entire session was relaxed, lighthearted and professional. I was very happy with the end result and pleased that I have a selection of great head shots for marketing my brand. Overall, would highly recommend if you are an entrepreneur looking for a professional portrait.”


Isa Hemphrey
Performing Artist Portfolio Testimonial

“Thank you very much for a most enjoyable and relaxed shoot. You made me feel very comfortable and interpreted my views and thoughts very well especially as you knew I was not comfortable in front of camera. I also learnt a lot too about how to get more out of shoot and better ways to stand pose etc. The two samples you sent me are fantastic really captured the feel of what I was looking for! wow!”

Petal Creations Bespoke Kent Florist | Headshot by StudioGBP

“After meeting with Graham and listening to his advise on the importance of creating the right image for my business website and social media, I booked a personal branding photo shoot with him. I was nervous but he kept things relaxed and fun and soon I was feeling happy and confident that I had made the right choice in choosing Graham. He was patient and explained everything clearly. Graham gave great direction and he had lots of tips on how to use the images online. Graham is professional and trustworthy and I am very much looking forward to working with him on future projects.”


Carol Hassell
London Actors Headshot Photographer

“Recently I had a branding shoot with Graham. my brand identity is very important to me so I wanted professional photographs and after photographing my wedding I already built up a trusting and friendly relationship with him which is super important when being photographed. He listened to what I needed and he spent lots of time trying to find what worked for us both. I’m not at all used to being in front of camera, but as I have worked with him before I knew I could trust him and I knew after the first few photos I would be relaxed. He spent a lot of time on finding what I wanted and he spent more time with me than expected. His studio is great, the lighting, the white walls it’s just perfect for any shoot. I had a great day and I can’t wait to work with him again. I would 100% recommend Graham to anyone wanting some amazing photos.”


Specialist Kashmiri Jewellery Designer Shereen Syed - Personal Brand Headshot

“Working with Graham has been a dream and I am not exaggerating at all! Within 5 minutes of meeting him, he absorbed so much of what my business & brand was about. I am amazed at not only his skills behind the camera and the sleek images he produces but also with how passionate, creative, in-the-know, motivating and inspiring he is as a human. He has helped get my business off the ground and I am grateful for his hard work and patience along the way. My brand is super sleek and my product images are perfect in every way. The whole aesthetic is exactly what I was looking for. Graham is THE Photographer you are looking for and I guarantee you he will make your dreams come true too!”


Model Portfolio Headshot Photograher

“I recently booked Graham to do a shoot to capture some of my work applying makeup and to add to my portfolio of work as a Makeup Artist. The photo’s really are amazing, and I would highly recommend booking Graham for any shoot.”

Editorial and Headshot Photography Session for Radiant Angel Energy

“Being a therapist I wanted  to show both the therapy & business side in my photos.Graham created a professional but fun experience. He put both me and my client at ease and was very discrete when taking pictures of the therapy session.The session was tailored to my needs and he listened to what I needed. It was a truly personal experience and a valued investment. It was very hard to choose from the photographs taken but my head shot says everything I wanted to convey. I Would recommend Graham to any other therapists or anyone wanting great photos & a professional experience x”

Headshots that get you noticed! South East London Branding and Headshot Photographer

“I had a relaxed and fun personal branding shoot with Graham in Bexley which I am using for my website, social media accounts and business cards. This is the second time I have used Graham’s services and I won’t think of looking elsewhere. Graham is trustworthy , efficient and provides a high quality tailored service and I continue to recommend him to all my associates.”

London Professional Headshtot and Portfolio Photographer | Graham Baker Photography at StudioGBP Bexley

“I needed some photos for my website and having not done a photoshoot before I was somewhat excited but also nervous! Graham was great and put me at ease. He knew exactly what a I needed done and as a result I have some great looking professional photos that I can use on my website that will help build my brand for years to come 🙂 I thoroughly recommend Graham to anyone!”


Samuel Breeze

No More excuses!

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I'll coach you through the process by addressing all those ‘buts’ and fears with tips and advice. I want you to relax, look your best and ultimately, create images that show your story and that resonate with your audience!

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